School of the Gifts

School of the Gifts Application
Starting October 1, 2016
(every 1st Saturday of the month for 6 months)
Course Fee: $99.00

Personal Data

First Name:
Family Name:

Zip Code:

Date of Birth:
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Tell Us About Your Child


What are your favorite subjects in school?


What are your hobbies? (Example:  swimming, dancing, singing, sports)  

Complete these sentences: When I grow up, I would like to become:
Complete these sentences: I am really good at doing:
Complete these sentences: I am happiest when:
How would you describe your child?
Have you noticed a particular gift or passion? (i.e. do they dream a lot, are they drawn to hurting people, are they great communicators, building, creating, etc.)

Complete the following sentences: I would like to see my child develop in the area (s) of:

Has your child accepted Christ as his/her personal savior


Spiritual Background

Home Church Name:
Pastor's Name: