There will be great manifestations from heaven in “07, for the heavens will be opened to those who choose to obey God’s way. No longer will man be allowed to operate and do things their way. Everything we do by God’s spirit will bring great riches and abundance in our lives this year for the way has been made easy.

This is the year that God will manifest (meaning reveal) the sons of God. Rom. 8:19 says that all of creation is waiting eagerly for the day when God reveals who his sons really are. They will come forth in demonstration and power in the Holy Ghost with supernatural miracles flowing in the earth through their lives. A new realm of Kingdom we have come into and a new place to operate out of with new authority. For this authority will only come from the third heaven, where visions and manifestations of the Lord can be obtained.


It is in the third heaven where we sit in the sound of God that causes us to access the mind of God. These mighty Kingdom soldiers will be clearly known, not just for what they say, but the sound that causes all creation to respond to what they hear. We will no longer speak for God, but as God. It will be a great year of revelational discoveries, as the spirit of the Lord makes all things known to us.


Even as the Lord took the seven loaves of bread in Matt. 15:34 and fed a multitude, 2007 shall be a year of supernatural provision, because the Lord will take our nothing and make something. Many will go from not having anything to having everything. For it shall be a year of tangible fulfillment, long awaited promises will come to pass this year, even as the Lord remembered Israel, so shall we see, that the Lord thy God has never forgotten thee. And you will see the work that he began in you shall be completed.


Great emphasis will surround the subject of prayer this year, as prayer revivals break out in cities across the globe. Praying persistent prayers will unlock the door to the heart of God. As we travel into a new realm of prayer we will be able to conquer as well as accomplish more for God. For their will be a new army of kingdom soldiers being birthed out of this throne room place who carry a throne room sound. They will be the new leading regime of throne room Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers that will cause the fear of God’s name to enter back into the heart of people.


This is the year that we shall stand and legislate over the earth and see Job 22:28 which says “thou shall also decree a thing and it shall be establish unto thee, and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” For this will surely be the year that we see an open heaven for declaring. God will cause us to revisit and reevaluate issues of the heart that we might be able to ascend to the mountain of the Lord so that we can hear what heaven is saying, and say it in the earth. Then even sinners will be rescued by our pure hands.

Isa. 25:7-10 says “in that day he will remove the cloud of gloom and the shadow of death that hangs over the earth. He will swallow up death forever! The sovereign Lord will wipe away all tears. He will remove forever all insults and mockery against his land and his people. The Lord has spoken, in that day the people will proclaim this is our God, we trusted in him and he saved us. This is the Lord in whom we trusted. Let us rejoice in the salvation he brings!” For the Lord’s good hand will rest on Jerusalem , your home and your life this year!!!!

Prophecy given by Prophetess Cynthia Thompson